Bead crochet pattern can also be your creativity!


While learning this technique I mostly took simple  and ready made patterns from internet. Later it became boring, as I wanted to create something unique or different from others. When my bead crochet skills were mastered, step by step I came to making my own patterns.

bead crochet pattern

As I’ve got many questions about patterns, I’ll try to show how to read bead crochet pattern, or at least how I’m doing this.

Find a Bead Crochet Pattern

You can discover a number of patterns. They vary in size, number of beads, complexity… I’ll try to explain it today. As a sample I’ll use the pattern that I made for my “30 days of September” project. It is quite simple and easy to use for beginners. You’ll find a bead crochet pattern very short and  it almost doesn’t have words.  They’re about a page and look like this:

bead crochet pattern

How to Read Bead Crochet Pattern

You can divide the pattern into 4 parts:

  1.  A view of how the pattern will look when crocheted (left)
  2. A description of the pattern (top right)
  3. A color and number of beads you will need (middle right)
  4. A sequence instructing how beads are to be string (bottom right)

Let’s look at each of this part more detailed.

1. The First Part:

The leftmost chart will help you to write the pattern. The middle view is what the piece would look like flat, and the one on the right gives an idea of how the piece will look in the round.

2. The Second Part:

All the information you need about pattern is in the upper right corner: Name – the name of the pattern (usually from author), Author – the name or nickname of the author of the pattern, Circumference – one of the most important part, tells you how many beads need to be in the circumference to get the required pattern. You’ll see that this pattern has 12. I personally like patterns with 12- 16 beads. The larger the circumference, the larger thickness your finished piece will be. Total number of rows – shows how much rows will be made according to this pattern, 80 in my pattern, as it’s average number to get the full length bracelet (if you are making the necklace, you will need to repeat this pattern one or two more times), Total number of beads – means beads that will be used just for this pattern – 960 beads here (as will already know that pattern is made right for the full bracelet, it means that for one full bracelet you’ll need this amount of beads).

bead crochet pattern

3. The Third Part:

This part tells you how many beads of each color you’ll need. This particular pattern uses 289 silver beads and 661 green beads, other patterns will vary.

4. The Fourth Part:

This part of the pattern shows how to string the beads in order. Begin at the top left, and work your way down, then start again from the top to the down, stringing the number of specified beads for each color. You will repeat this chart according to how long you want your finished piece to be.

Just start to crochet

Once your beads are strung, the crocheting is the same no matter which pattern you’ve chosen to follow.

bead crochet pattern

I love bead crochet, especially with such variety of patterns…