30 bracelets for 30 days were made!!!

First I would like to thank you for all you likes, comments and super nice words and interest to my work. I’m really satisfied with the result. I even don’t want to stop, so as I said at my first post to this project, when you do something for 21 day it becomes your habit – it is!!!

The last day of this month was the hardest. As I had to organize everything from bracelets to working space and space for photos, I had to take pictures of all these bracelets and also to edit them and at last I had to upload all my work to this page.

I’ve got some new experience for this month and definitely will do something like this project again. As some of the bracelets are already booked, I’ll do the giveaway of two bracelets from the project next week.

And now I’m going to REST!