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  We are proud to offer you exclusive bead embroideries of catholic and ortodox icons, pictures of art, personal pictures. On our website you can choose which icon you would like to order or upload your picture. We are using only high-grade fabrics, specially manufactured thread, high-quality european beads Preciosa Ornela, specially designed for pictures non-glare glass and professionally made adorable picture frames.


Christmas is coming!

We live in Winnipeg and like no other have an opportunity to experience real winter. Winter Winnipeg is a real city of snow queen. It always snowy, frosty and if you are lucky, you can even see the real aurora. In…

12 Dec 2014

Choose the Right Beads

   Today, the market of beads and its variants is widely presented by different suppliers. You need to pay special attention to the quality of the materials used, especially beads. From the quality of beads will depend appearance of the…

24 Oct 2014

Etsy - Made in Canada Day

   In a few weeks I'm taking part at my first craft show. I'm very excited with my choice of this show. Now I'm working hard on my new beading embroidery projects and hopefully you can see them at Etsy…

03 Sep 2014

Price Your Beadwork

   If you are making beading products or other handmade things, this post is for you. Usually when you are starting making something handmade it is difficult to price your beadwork. So, here are some tips to help you .…

01 Oct 2014

Summer Bead Colours

   Summer bead colours are associated with some feelings, mood or dreams that summer gives to us.    Summer came around! I'm enjoying this season and hopefully you too. Especially here, in Winnipeg, people are finally free after a winter's lock-down.…

28 Jul 2014

Necklace With a Bow

   In hot summer days we usually having a lot of fun. We meet our friends, more often we spend our time at the park or beach, but any place you go you need to have a good look. And…

23 Jul 2014

10 Rules for Beading

    There are no any special rules for those, who make beadworks. But if you like beading and do it a lot, you've already made some rules for yourself. As for me, I also have some notes in my mind…

30 Jun 2014

The Vochol - Beaded Car

    Some interesting information and not only for women, about the Vochol - beaded car.    The Vochol is a Volkswagen Beetle that has been covered with the traditional beadwork from the Huichol (Waxaritari), an indigenous group from Mexico. The art-on-wheels…

27 Jun 2014

Preciosa Ornela Traditional Czech Beads

   I've already wrote about contests from Preciosa Ornela, and today I want to give you some short information about company, that produces all that beads I usually use in my beadworks.    Preciosa Ornela is part of the Preciosa Group…

25 Jun 2014

Beaded owl

   I noticed that owls are really fashionable right now, they’re on fabrics, stationery and people are even making owl-shaped beads and beaded owl! Owl necklaces, owl earrings, owl rings… at various stores with variously-sized owls and variously-colored owls… Owls are…

17 Jun 2014

Twin beads project

 I've already wrote that in my works I usually use Preciosa Ornela seed beads. This week I want to offer you one project from Preciosa Ornela designers. It's a beautiful floral bracelet made from Preciosa Twin beads and…

04 Jun 2014

Business Cards for Zoryana

   Here came our business cards and booklets.     Business cards can say so much about you and your organization, but regardless of how beautifully designed and produced, they are simply pieces of paper with information on it. While useful…

28 May 2014

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